tongue tied


Customarily, the introduction goes here. Provide me some context. Explain your purpose. Tell me why, that’s what these consumer eyes have been trained to look for.

Next come instructions. I’ve bought what you sold, now tell me your trade secrets. Spell it out clearly, if it isn’t easy my investment wasn’t worth it.

Then give me the facts. Bare bones. Spare me the fluff, avoid nuance. I like it like I like my whiskey: straight.

Ensuite on va discuter ce que t’a trouvé, la vraie raison que tu m’a arrêté mais en vérité je m’ennuie déjà. On peut partir maintenant; n’inquiète pas, je vais la recommander à tous mes amies.

One more line to part- seal the deal with a kiss. Say: thanks for coming. Acknowledgements. F I N. Now I have the tidy package, ready to share, bury, throw away, or even reopen. My choice, thanks to you.

If I told you the title for my blue box was ‘Sales How To’, you’d probably believe me. Sales is a hard job- many a young entrepreneur would love a guide on how to hook a buyer, myself included.

Except that’s not the concept behind the title here. These days I’m writing a scientific manuscript for my supervisor. What’s contained in the blue box can easily be read as simple instructions for scientific writing for a beginner (not unlike me, if we’re being honest). Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion.

But while the title ‘Writing for Science’ might be an apt title for my blue box, so too is ‘Having an Interview’. So too is ‘Winning a Debate’. If you want to really take a step back, the title ‘One Night Stand’ would not even be off base.

I have two points here. One, is to draw your attention to the titles, the labels. These give context. The title is the preface for what’s to come. You can get a general sense of things from the title, but you won’t get it fully until you go through the whole thing. Mislabeling can detract value. But giving no labels is not necessarily bad either- the reader can interpolate as they please.

Two; even when we’re being direct, we are vague. Meaning is fluid- take what you will and leave what you will.


That said, the title of this space is ‘in crude terms’.

Crude- because no one is editing here. I’ll try to assemble a decent structure, but it’ll be rough at the edges.

Crude- because I wanted to use “cru”, which means raw. It might get REAL.

Crude- because sometimes the C gets dropped and I hope you’ll bear with me.

Crude- because I need a reminder of where I’m from and where I’m headed. Thoughts of a Cowtown gal (stretching here): You might hate the blackness of tar but you can’t undo the fact that its dollar value is what gave you your quality of life. I don’t harbour any deep resentment about my family’s jobs in the oil and gas industry- but I think the metaphor is relevant. I’m committed to being honest about where I’ve been, where I am (privilege or otherwise), and where I want to go.

TERMS- as alluded to here, its so easy to get tongue tied. Conversely, its easy to lose your filter. The nomenclature and terminology of various disciplines is fascinating and beautiful to me for how eloquent and beautiful simple descriptions can be.  my intention is to get there too with simplicity and precision.

So there you have it- my Introduction. Feel free to stick around for Methods & More 🙂

-take what you will,




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